Biography of Shirley Ann Lamb, Artist

From her earliest years, Shirley Ann Lamb has been mesmerized by the beauty and power of the equine spirit.  She has been a horse owner and lover of horses throughout her life, and this passion for the animal can be seen in many of her works.

Her art was dramatically influenced by such great talents as western artists Oleg Stavrowsky and William Matthews.

Shirley Ann Lamb has traveled extensively throughout North America, Europe, and Mexico.  In her travels of the American Southwest and Mexico, she was captivated by the awesome beauty of the desert landscape.  Arizona red rocks became one of her favorite subjects to paint.  The influence of the American Southwest can be seen in the architectural style portrayed in many of her works.

Shirley Ann Lamb studied commercial art in the 1970's, and is self-taught in many techniques.  Her current interests include exploring new techniques using pastel.

Fall Ladies Fishing ClassicIn the 1990's Shirley Ann Lamb successfully entered the world of graphic arts, adding computer art skills to her notable repertoire.  She is a veteran of special publications using programs such as QuarkXPress.  Her graphics skills include advanced Photoshop design and photo- editing.

Her art was used for the Fall Ladies Fishing Classic tournament held each year in St. Petersburg, FL.  The event used her art exclusively over four consecutive years.  All proceeds from the tournament were donated to the All Children's Hospital and the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida.

Frankie & Sunny LogoThe Adventures of Frankie and Sunny is her latest art series portraying the antics of her cat, Frankie Jo-Leigh.  The whimsical art style featuring Frankie Jo-Leigh is sure to bring a smile to children and adults alike.